Open Source: Git & GitHub + Hacktoberfest ’21!

Session Information

Open Source: Git & GitHub + Hacktoberfest ’21

Always wanted to contribute to Open Source but don’t know how to start? This workshop is the perfect place to start your Open Source journey.

  • What are we going to cover?
  • What is Hacktoberfest?
  • Why should we participate in this?
  • What do we get?
  • Intro to Git & GitHub
  • How to search for projects?
  • What projects are available?
  • What projects are there from me?
  • How to contribute?
  • Process for Contributors
  • Process for Maintainers

It will be a complete information pack for you and I appreciate you registering to this event. Do connect with me on LinkedIn and check out my personal website, my blog and my YouTube channel, where I post informational content frequently.

Please Register here. The registered participants will be getting a YouTube Live Stream URL to look at.

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